This JAMA article goes contrary to the thinking that post resuscitation hypothermia is good.

The Key Points

  • Question Is therapeutic hypothermia associated with better survival outcomes for patients with in-hospital cardiac arrest?

  • Findings In this cohort study using a US national registry, survival outcomes were compared for 26 183 patients who were treated vs not treated with therapeutic hypothermia after surviving an in-hospital cardiac arrest. Compared with untreated patients, those treated with therapeutic hypothermia had significantly lower rates of in-hospital survival (29.2% vs 27.4%, respectively), as well as lower rates of survival to discharge with favorable neurological status.

  • Meaning Therapeutic hypothermia was not associated with improved survival or better neurological outcomes and was potentially harmful. Current use of therapeutic hypothermia for in-hospital cardiac arrest may warrant reconsideration

Source: Hypothermia After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest | Anesthesiology | JAMA | The JAMA Network