Paul Kivela, MD, MBA, FACEP is a residency trained and board certified emergency physician.  Dr. Kivela has a broad variety of talents and pursues multiple interests.  He is currently President of the American College of Emergency Physicians.  His goals are to demonstrate value to the members with every objective and initiative the College pursues and to bring greater transparency to the specialty.

Dr. Kivela attended undergraduate and medical school at the University of Illinois.  He did his emergency medicine residency at the LA County-UCLA after which he completed an administrative fellowship .  He graduated from University of Tennessee with his MBA.

Besides being a full-time practicing emergency physician, Dr. Kivela is actively involved in organized medicine, shepherding healthcare policy and the business of administrative emergency medicine.  He is an expert in the areas of medical legal malpractice, risk reduction, and error reduction and publishes a monthly article on catastrophic medical malpractice claims with the goal of decreasing medical errors.

He has lectured both nationally and internationally on many different medical topics.  He works diligently to keep up on medical advances that affect his patients.   In the 1990’s he co-founded and developed an educational company that was the first company to receive accreditation to provide online Category 1 CME in emergency medicine.

He has designed software and has twice been acknowledged to have one of the top 20 annual innovations in academic emergency medicine and has a patent pending on a software program that decreases medical errors.

He believes that the key to wellness is fitness, resilience, mental attitude and the quest to achieve a work-life balance.   He and his wife have a passion for health and wellness and she has a personalized medical practice, Elan Medical. Although he thinks the term is misleading, he believes the causes of “burnout” are multifactorial and changes need to made in the healthcare system to re-establish physicians in the driver seat to direct healthcare to improve working conditions which will in turn improve patient care..

Dr. Kivela’s talents are not limited to medicine and he has an appetite for making the most of life and in order to do that requires a high degree of efficiency and working smarter rather than harder.  He is a husband, parent, and coach.

He is an accomplished distance runner, winning all-state honors, placing in the top 10 in the Big10 Cross Country Championships, and being one of the top regional distance runners in his post-collegiate years.  He now combines his running with golf into the hybrid sport of speedgolf.  This way he can maintain his fitness and also pursue competitive golf by running between shots.  This way he can finish a round of golf and run 5 miles in an under an hour.  He has been an assistant high school cross country coach and he has a subpage to his blog with a collection of his insights called

Dr. Kivela also enjoys travel and photography.   His pictures have been used in multiple publications.    Dr. Kivela speaks conversational French and is proficient in medical Spanish.

In 2016, Dr. Kivela made the commitment to decrease his carbon footprint and take advantage of the many benefits of Electronic Vehicles and alternative travel commuting.  He frequently rides his bicycle part way or all the way to work (up to 20 miles each direction). He was also the contractor and installer of his own solar field.   He is a fan of the tiny house movement and sustainable farming and farm-to-fork.