According to an article in the Winter 2015 Edition of TPC Signature and experts at Cleveland Clinic, over 50% of golfers experience a golf related injury at some time.   A study during the 1990s compared LPGA golfers vs female golfers. Professional golfers most commonly had left wrist injuries (30%), Low back injuries (20%), and left hand injuries (10%). Amateurs suffered elbow injuries (35%), low back injuries (30%), and shoulder injuries (15%). Most injuries were reported from striking the ground and taking a divot, followed closely by twisting.   Many of these problems can be prevented and alleviated by changing the biomechanics of your swing. Cleveland Clinic has Golf Smart program and Titleist trains chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, and others with Titleist Performance Institute. usb I attended the first phase of the program and found it to be valuable not only for my golf game but also for the care I provide to patients.