Tesla’s entry into the electric vehicle (EV) space invigorated not just the electric car but also the entire car industry and may even evoked a culture change. Now, a new manufacturer is entering the electric bicycle market with hopes of doing the same for the bicycle industry and culture.

Several months ago, my wife bought an electrical bicycle with pedal assist. Pedego is arguably the leader in the world of motorized bicycles.  She loves it.

For the nearly past 6 months, I have been driving my Kia Soul EV.  I have driven over 5000 miles and consequently saved over 300 gallons of gas compared to the truck I used to drive.  I have also been frequently parking at charging stations and either running or riding my folding bike the rest of the way to work whether in Napa, Roseville, or Green Valley.   Over that time, I have likely logged over 500 miles on my Citizen folding bike and my Elliptigo.  Riding my bike has been a great addition both to my exercise routine but also to my over all wellbeing.  It is awesome being outside.

Now, there is a new electric bicycle that is coming out called the Flux. The Flux has three models including two mountain bikes and a city road bike.  My mountain bike is over 25 years old, the suspension has long along blown, and I figured it was time to get a new bike and reopen my ability to ride on trails.  Subsequently, I looked at the market and I have put in an order in for a Flux Trail.   I like that it has a front suspension.  I considered the back suspension but I do not see my self taking jumps.  One of the things I like is the motor drive is in the crank shaft so I can pop the front and back wheels off easily like a standard bicycle.  Also, it is affordable and a deal compared to its competition.

I can’t wait to see if it really it is the Tesla of electric bicycles.  If so, I think this will even increase my ability to ride my bike and go places I wouldn’t routinely think of going.  Imagine less traffic with many more people commuting around cities and even through semi rural places like Napa Valley on a bicycle.


Power your adventure with Flux electric bike. Ride longer, explore further and break limits you never thought possible, for the world is yours to Flux.